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Sextant - the Einstein@Home screensaver

Sextant is a BOINC application which just displays a screensaver. The screensaver is a test/development version of the screensaver for the Einstein@Home project.

Last modified: 27 October 2006


I've just started this page to document sextant, so I'm sorry there is not much here yet...


Release Notes

Here are more specific notes for particular versions of yello as they are released:
sextant 4.87   (25 May 2005)
This is exactly the same code as sextant 4.86, but compiled with the latest BOINC CVS HEAD (which seems to be BOINC 4.68) for testing.
sextant 4.86   (30 April 2005)
Compiled and works with BOINC 4.66.

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