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E-Mail Links

E-mail is a complicated process that involves software for sending, transporting, delivering, filtering, and sorting. Here are a collection of links for all kinds of e-mail software.
Last updated: 21 March 2004

Mail Clients (for reading or sending e-mail, directly or from servers)
E-mail filtering (sorting mail, filtering spam)
Privacy and Encryption - PGP, GPG, etc..
MTA's - Mail Transport Agents (for transporting e-mail)
MDA's - Mail Delivery Agents (for local sorting/delivery)
Servers - IMAP, POP, ACAP, etc.. (serving e-mail from mailboxes to clients)

Mail Clients

E-Mail Filters - sorting, filtering Spam

E-mail Privacy and Encryption

MTA's - Mail Transport Agents

MDA's - Mail Delivery Agents

Servers - IMAP, POP, ACAP

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